Do you sell any of these pieces?
Yes. Some of the photographs displayed are of pieces that have been sold, however, high quality digital images have been taken and are available for reproduction prints of various sizes or other forms such as stationary note cards. See the Cards & Prints section for pricing. Please Contact me to order or for special requests.

 I'm interested in a particular piece. How do I know if the original is still available?
When viewing the gallery, click on the particular piece and it will have a description indicating whether the original is still available for sale or reproduction only.

How much do you charge for your pieces?
Each piece is priced differently according to materials used, creation time, size and framed or unframed. Please email if seriously interested in particular pieces.

 Do you ship your artwork?

Will you create a particular subject that I request/commissioned artwork?
Yes. Photographs of your subject matter, a discussion of your vision of this subject to be transformed into a painting or pastel/charcoal piece and an agreement signed prior to piece being created are to be expected when commissioning art. Contact me for more information!

How long does it take for you to create a particular piece of work if I commission you to do a particular piece for me?
 It depends on the subject matter's degree of difficulty and availability of my time due to other prior requests. Usually one to two months.

 Is your artwork on display anywhere that I can view, aside from digital media?
Yes. I update places and times of my art on display via Facebook and Instagram. Also, please feel free to email me and I will be glad to give you upcoming or current locations.

What mediums do you use?
Pastels, Charcoals, and Acrylics.

Do you participate in art festivals or fairs?
Yes. Watch Facebook for the latest information about where and when you can see my work in person.

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